What is a Gym Franchise?

A gym franchise is the licensing or selling from an existing well established gym the rights to use their name, logo and business model. It is a way of a well establish gym to expand without putting forth the investment to create a chain of gyms. The prospect or future entrepreneur has a better chance of gym ownership and success due to the training and support of the franchisor. The person desiring their own gym would have to face many obstacles and mistakes starting and running a gym from scratch on their own with no assistance. The franchisor because they experienced all the trials and errors through the years, has ironed out a full proof successful plan that can be passed along to the franchisee. Think of it like this, a person creates a successful business, runs it for years, then sells it to you. They even take it a step further by training then giving support for the life of the business. This is a win win for both parties that come into a franchise agreement. The wanna be gym owner gets his turn key gym business along with a step by step plan on how to run his business. The franchisor gets expansion of  of their gym along with the brand they created.

The franchisee pays the franchisor a franchisee fee and a monthly royalty fee to use the name, logo and business model. These fees vary depending on the gym franchise. Extreme Gym has chosen to waive their royalty fees permanently for any new franchisee during 2012. Franchising gives you the best chance for success. The franchisor is only successful if the franchisee is successful.

Fitness Franchises

Fitness Franchises | Gym Franchise Opportunities | Extreme Gym

Fitness Franchises are gaining tremendous popularity. This is due to the growing demand to be more health conscious. People are exercising more and consuming more organic and grass fed foods. There has never been a more favorable time at looking into a gym as a possible small business opportunity. Especially in our economy it can be the perfect recession proof business because of the rise in cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol. Many need to exercise and eat right now more than ever. I mean seriously, doctors are urging their patients to join gyms to become healthier. Now if owning a gym is your cup of tea and your looking to invest without a lot of money, look at Extreme Gym over other small business opportunities.

Fitness Franchises | Gym

Fitness Franchises, particularly gym franchises, seem to be the poplar choice for anyone wanting to start a small business. How many times while you were working out at a gym have you thought how wonderful ans self gratifying it would be to have your own gym. Franchising gives you that opportunity. Just make sure you do your due diligence when researching and deciding on which gym is best for you. You wouldn’t want to get in over your head and end up in huge debt. Any small business opportunity is a risk but an affordable one is much less a risk. Extreme Gym is an excellent choice for affordability when looking into owning a gym.


How to Start a Gym

If you looking to start a gym of your very own, you must do your research carefully as to the most economical way. You can do a start-up yourself and invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, seek out consultants or high priced fitness franchises. The better and most affordable way is an Extreme Gym franchise. Again do your research comparing price, training and equipment and your total investment will always be much lower with an Extreme Gym franchise. Extreme Gym will eliminate all the guess work when it comes to how to start a gym business. They will do everything from assisting in site location to lease negotiation to training. You also receive the lowest possible cost for quality commercial gym equipment. Many fitness fanatics would love to start a gym but without the know how and guidance never get as far as a dream. Their dreams can now be a reality.

How to Start a Gym

Steps to Owning a Fitness Center

Now the steps to owning a fitness center through Extreme Gym are first, visit the contact page of the website. Ask for additional information and the Franchise Disclosure Document. From there you can speak to a representative to discuss location, financing and equipment selection. You can be up and running in as little as 90 – 120 days. Your total investment is under $97,000 and that includes the franchise fee. Many consultant packages do not have franchise fees but their total investment is a lot more. Other steps to owning a fitness center is the training you will receive so you know how to run your gym business. This includes training in the gym management system so you can accept membership fees automatically, track member attendance, have members check-in via card reader, gym maintenance, customer service, safety issues, marketing and more. This training can be completed 2 – 3 days at our location or virtual training over the internet  remotely. Again, do your research. We are confident you’ll come to realize Extreme Gym is your best chance to gym ownership.

Small Fitness Franchises

Small fitness franchises like Extreme Gym when compared to large fitness franchises have many more benefits than what you might expect. One of the things you don’t want to stress about day in and day out is the amount of your rent. Although not all small franchises help set you up in a location with low rent, Extreme Gym does assist you in finding a location that fits your budget usually around $1500 to $2500 monthly for a 2200 to 5000 sq ft space. Keep in mind the smaller your space the lower your utility cost also. Remember, the larger the space the higher your electricity, cooling and heating cost will be and the bigger the space the more members you must sell to cover all that overhead expense. A larger space means you have to try and accomplish a 3000 – 5000 member base and more importantly try to retain those members. Going small only requires about 300 – 700 members to cover the overhead and make a nice comfortable living.

Small Fitness Franchises

Small Gym Franchises vs Large Gym Franchises

Another aspect of small gym franchises vs large gym franchises is a lower franchisee fee and lower royalty fees. Extreme gym has the lowest franchise fee of any fitness franchise and at the moment offer gym franchises with no royalty fees. The cost for equipment is less with a small franchise as well as the total investment. Ongoing support is one of the most important aspects of any franchise. The smaller the gym the more hands on support you will likely receive when compared to larger gym franchises with thousands of locations. There just aren’t enough employees to service every franchisee one on one . We have all heard of the age old cliche “start small and work your way up” Well that holds especially true when choosing between a small  and a large gym.

Turn-Key Gym Packages

You might often wonder the difference between turn-key gym packages and gym franchises. Well actually, there really isn’t a difference aside from the monthly royalty fees charged by gym franchises. Both provide you with the gym equipment package, training, support, lease negotiations and site assistance. The franchise has a franchise fee that is pretty much payment to the franchisor for these and other services provided to the franchisee as well as the rights to the licensed name and brand. The equipment cost is considerably more with a franchise than with companies offering turn-key packages with the exception of the Extreme Gym franchise. We will get to the Extreme Gym opportunity in a moment. Now with franchises you have your equipment cost, monthly royalty fees and franchise fee which could range from $15,000 to $30,000 depending upon the opportunity.

The turnkey start-up package cost is a little less and although there are no royalty fees or a franchise fee, there is a consultation fee as well as a mark up on the wholesale cost of gym equipment which will equal the cost of a franchise fee. Make no mistake about it, these companies have to make money. It would be nice for them to offer their services to you for free but that’s not going to happen.

turn-key gym packagesAffordable Turnkey Gym Packages

Affordable turnkey gym packages looks like a nice low cost gym package but once you pay the freight and installation charges it can turn into being not so affordable. Extreme Gym has all the benefits of  any gym business opportunity and even though it is a franchise, it is the least expensive investment of any fitness franchise or start up company. How do you ask?

Extreme Gym for a limited time is offering no royalty fees ever and has a industry low $10,000 franchise fee. Even with their franchise fee, your total equipment investment is cheaper than any other company or fitness franchise. You still receive the training, support, lease negotiating, site selection assistance you receive with any other gym opportunity. Extreme Gym is a lot more flexible too than your traditional gym franchise. It’s like receiving a turn key gym package and the flexibility that comes with it but with the franchise experience, training and ongoing support. Click on the menu pages at the top to explore the Extreme Gym franchise. Fill out the information at the contact page to receive additional information. If your looking for the most complete and affordable 24/7  gym start up package, look no further than Extreme Gym.

Gym Franchises

Gym franchises are without a doubt the best way to break into the fitness industry. Everything is laid out for you from beginning to end including gym management training and equipment selection to financing and location assistance to the grand opening. You don’t have to experience the headaches or trial and error because you are utilizing a proven system laid out for you by the franchisor. You are trained on every aspect of the gym business. Whether it’s a traditional gym or a 24/7 gym, you have a greater chance of success going the franchising route. It’s a nice thing to be able to pick up the phone and call headquarters whenever a question or situation arises. When you start a gym on your own, there is no one you can call for guidance or assistance in running your gym.

24/7 Access Gym Franchise

Of the types of gym opportunities, I would lean to24/7 access gym franchiseward the 24/7 access gym franchise as they are gaining in popularity in the industry. One big reason is it attracts more members because of the convenience and appeal of being able to workout whenever you want anytime of the day. Extreme Gym offers 24/7 gym or  traditional gyms where you can set normal gym hours. Although you would have to be at your gym daily with both a 24/7 access gym or a tradition gym, the 24/7 access gym will require less type with it’s semi-automated set up. Remember, you won’t have members unless you are there to sign them to a membership. Extreme Gym is also by far the least expensive when compared to our competitors or turn key gym consulting companies.


Extreme Gym Waives Royalty Fees

Gym Franchise Royalty Fees waived permanently until end of year. Hurry for a limited time, royalty fees will be permanently waived for the next 5 new franchisees.  Not only is Extreme Gym the most inexpensive gym franchise, we are going a step further by eliminating royalty fees. If you are one of the next five new franchisees, you will not be required to pay the monthly $199. This should make your decision a little easier when researching a gym franchise.  you will still be required to pay the $10,000 gym franchise fee along with your total equipment investment under $65,000.


Low Expense Gym Franchise

Extreme Gym insist on keeping all your expenses and overhead as low as possible. We do not have any monthly fees. We do not take a percentage of your membership dues, membership cards nor charge you a website hosting fee. We help you find low rent in high traffic locations. moreover, the flexibility you are allowed is unmatched in the gym franchise industry. You may have other profit centers within your gym such as MMA, martial arts, dance or boot camp classes, juice bar, massage or tanning to name a few.

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