Extreme Gym Waives Royalty Fees

Gym Franchise Royalty Fees waived permanently until end of year. Hurry for a limited time, royalty fees will be permanently waived for the next 5 new franchisees.  Not only is Extreme Gym the most inexpensive gym franchise, we are going a step further by eliminating royalty fees. If you are one of the next five new franchisees, you will not be required to pay the monthly $199. This should make your decision a little easier when researching a gym franchise.  you will still be required to pay the $10,000 gym franchise fee along with your total equipment investment under $65,000.


Low Expense Gym Franchise

Extreme Gym insist on keeping all your expenses and overhead as low as possible. We do not have any monthly fees. We do not take a percentage of your membership dues, membership cards nor charge you a website hosting fee. We help you find low rent in high traffic locations. moreover, the flexibility you are allowed is unmatched in the gym franchise industry. You may have other profit centers within your gym such as MMA, martial arts, dance or boot camp classes, juice bar, massage or tanning to name a few.

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