The health and fitness industry rakes in billions of dollars every year, and that is a number that is continually on the rise. The number of people who maintain an active gym membership is also rising, but what the average person looks for in a gym has changed in recent years. Busy schedules mean that people want a gym with flexible operating hours, and what can be more flexible than 24/7/365? That is what you get with Extreme Gym, and rather than just settling for a membership, why not take a look at actually owning a fitness franchise?

I’m sure that most people looking to start their own fitness franchise imagine that they are going to have to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to do so. While that may be the case with many franchises, the start-up cost for an Extreme Gym comes in at a mere fraction of that price. The average cost of an Extreme Gym franchise comes in anywhere between $75,453 and $96,998.


The Extreme Gym start-up cost includes all the equipment that you will need to be up and running immediately. You will be provided with cardiovascular  equipment, circuit machines, and free weights, all of which will be shipped to you and installed as part of your total cost.

Extreme Gym offers email and phone support to their franchisees, as they completely understand that if everyone succeeds, the company succeeds as a whole. They also offer training at their headquarters, as well as training manual and video tutorials that owners can refer to so that they can continue to learn the ins and outs of their fitness franchise while they operate the business.



Gym Fitness Franchise

Your estimated investment does not include build out expense. If you find a location needing only a fresh coat of paint and already installed restrooms for both genders then your build out can be minimal. However, if your location requires a lot of improvements build out can be costly. Your investment includes state of the art commercial health club equipment, franchise fee, video surveillance system with i-phone and android mobile viewing from any location, 24/7 control access system as well as training and ongoing support. Even though this is your gym, you are not alone. We are here to help you every step of the way whenever you need us. We already went through all the mistakes, trial and error and now with years of experience under our belt only provide you with techniques, strategies and information that work. We can’t guarantee your success, that depends on you.

You’ve already taken the right steps in deciding a fitness franchise is the better choice than trying to learn how start a gym from scratch by yourself. Now you have to decide which gym franchise opportunity is a perfect fit for you. Please make sure you do your homework carefully in researching each and all opportunities when checking price, equipment warranties, franchise and royalty fee, equipment selection, training and support, and flexibility. In regards to flexibility, with an Extreme Gym franchise, you may add many different profit centers to your facility including supplement and juice bar, tanning, bootcamp classes, spinning, dance classes, the list goes on and on

Anyone looking to invest in a fitness franchise should definitely take the time to do their due diligence, and if they do it properly, the chances are that they will land back at Extreme Gym as the best option available to them today. To receive an information packet detailing our franchise opportunity including equipment and cost breakdown, go to the contact page, fill in the form and submit it.