The whole premises behind an Extreme Gym franchise opportunity is to get you set up in your own gym at an affordable investment. Here are a few points that summarize our model.

1. Although you are welcome to choose a location in a strip mall, we often recommend  a location which requires a much lower monthly lease payment. These locations can be in smaller retail centers, 2nd floor or lower level space on high traffic streets, warehouse space in high traffic locations, small neighborhood retail space to name a few.gym franchise opportunities

2. Many other franchisors require all franchise spaces to be structured exactly and identical to all others. This type of build out can be and will be extremely expensive. All we require is a clean space for your gym. Ideal spaces are locations that only need a coat of paint or one additional bathroom. Some locations can be found that already have 2 bathrooms. Also you don’t have to buy certain items from us but can save by shopping around for signage, carpet, apparel, etc.

3. Since we are authorized reps/dealers, we do not overly mark up equipment prices. We get you the best deals on equipment because we pass savings on to you. This includes machines, free weights, cardiovascular machines, rubber mats, accessories, 24 hour access and surveillance system……anything gym related.

4. We want to eliminate the risk of having high overhead expenses. We want you to have the most profit possible. This can only be done with a low and affordable total investment. You must have the highest quality equipment and the best warranty to go along with it. We get you set up with the lowest franchise and royalty fee in the industry and your investment is still less than opportunities that claim no franchise fee but instead actually add it to your total investment. We assist you in site selection and help you get set up in neighborhoods with no or very little competition. Also, you have the flexibility to add other profit centers to your gym and do things that are stricken by any other fitness franchise.