Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How much is the Extreme Gym franchise fee?
a. The gym franchise fee is a one time $10,000 which is renewed after 5 years. The renewal fee is $500.

2. Why should I buy an Extreme Gym franchise?
b. Although success can’t be guaranteed, we believe the support and simplicity of the Extreme Gym franchise model will give you the best chance for
success. Extreme Gym can make your dream of owning a gym a reality at the most affordable costs in the industry. We
provide you with everything you need to run your gym including ongoing support, training and equipment for using the
Extreme Gym brand.

3. Does Extreme Gym assist with selecting a site?
c. Yes, although we do not come out to your area, we do offer resources to assist in finding a suitable location. Shopping center spaces are
great, you are not limited to them. You may also choose small warehouse, retail basement or 2nd floor locations which
prove to have cheaper lease rates.

4. Do I need a fitness related background?
d. No. You do however need a desire to own your own business and to be financially free. You also need to be people
oriented with excellent customer service skills.

5. What do I need to qualify for an Extreme Gym Franchise?
e. You will need a good credit score to be approve by third party financing. If you are going to be leasing your equipment, we can set you up with a top notch leasing company who we highly
recommend. You also need to have a strong desire to work hard.

6. Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing at this time.

7. Can you guaranteed my success?

We can not guarantee your success. Although we do offer support, your hard work, dedication, desire and commitment are among some of the factors that will determine how well you do. We cannot give you any information on how much income you will make. Many things determine that factor such as location, demographics, hard work, consistency, aggressive marketing, excellent customer service, etc.

Site build out can be at a minimal cost due to our no frills model and if the site is in very good condition and with 2 preinstalled restrooms. However, depending on the condition of the site you find, build out expense will greatly increase. You should however have at least $10,000 – 15000 working capital and about $500 – $3000 for signage.

Banners, postcards, business cards, yard signs and all other marketing material are included with your license fee.